The gentle luster of silk that changes its shape and texture through tricks of the light will leave you with warmth and make you feel relaxed.
The Yuzen-style kimono fabric pattern maker, Mr. Takeshi Nishimura, was bestowed the title, "Master Craftsman of the Future" by Kyoto government. You can see the original new designs of the Nishijin fabric, born in the land of Kyoto. This tumbler can be seen as a visual representation of Kyoto.
This is an original product of TOMBO PROJECT.
This is the perfect gift for tourists who visit Kyoto, or for a person who adores Kyoto.

[Product type]2 sizes are available in a variety of colorways. (*Out of stock: 220ml)

[Product details]
Volume: 350ml / 220ml
Size: 350ml - height 190mm (7.5inch), diameter 72mm (2.8inch) / 220ml - height 172mm (6.7inch), diameter 60mm (2.4inch)
Materials: (Textile) Silk /or Silk and Polyester, (Inner part of bottle: bottle inside) Stainless, (Outer part of bottle: bottle base) AS resin, (Top lid) polypropylene, (Bottom lid) polypropylene, (Top lid on main unit) polypropylene, (Packing) silicon

- This product does not keep drinks warm.
- This is a handmade product, so each is slightly different. Also, please be aware that there may be textile distortion.

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