Paper Weight

Paper Weight Paper Weight

Kimono-style Yuzen patterns are created by combining paper patterns engraved painstakingly one at a time.
A special feature of this paper pattern design is that the asymmetrical patterns will lead to a spectacular design when pattern is shifted.
Please enjoy the rich colors that have been engraved in Kimono-style through the use of persimmon tannin in your home or office.

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Large - 61mm (2.4inch)*61mm (2.4inch)*61mm (2.4inch)
Small - 52mm (2.0inch)*52mm (2.0inch)*52mm (2.0inch)
Hemispheres - 76mm (3.0inch)*40mm (1.6inch)

Large - Acrylic, paper / Small - Acrylic, stainless steel, paper / Hemispheres - Acrylic, paper, polypropylene

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