Takeshi Nishimura, Master of Yuzen Chokoku and Prèmices, multidisciplinary design studio, have created the LANDSCAPE Collection which transposes Japanese traditional stencils from paper to leather.
This range of leather craft associates contemporary shapes and secular drawings to make us travel into the story of the rich and meticulous Japanese patterns landscape.
Kariline Bordas, saddler specialized in sewing by hand and of the traditional point-sellier, used her know-how for the realization of the objects, contributing to embody the French-Japanese identity of this Collection.


Camille Chardayre, Sophie Decoux, Amandine Langlois and Jérémie Triaire Form the Collectif Prémices and are all graduates from the École Boulle.
The multidisciplinary projects of the group are focused on context analyses and sustainable design to offer answers in interior architecture, design and graphics.
Their researches on new materials, like Rag Concrete, scenography, identities and design tools represent the major orientation of their studio.


Saddler: INCUTE
Founder of the brand IN CUTE, who means in latin “into the skin”, Karoline Bordas is a specialist of hand-sewing leather, Well-known for her requirement, she perpetues an ancestral know-how, acquired within the best school of Saddlery in France.
No matter the destination, her work is always guides by her slogan, «to create is at first to observe», which confers on her creations a spirit both classical and modern.

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Materials: Made in Japan Cowhide

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