Komorebi Komorebi

The tealight is crafted from a cedar sheet of Kyoto. The engraving is realized by hand by Nishimura yuzen-chokoku, a master artisan.
Each piece creates a unique design and the patterns are spontaneously imagined in relation with wood’s veins.
This project is realised with the collaboration of the designer Elodie Stephan.


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- Please put out the fire when you leave. Do not use the light near an inflammable material, in the case of strong wind, on a non-flat support.
- Before the use, read well the instructions.
- We decline all the responsibilities in the case of a fire.

*Nishimura Yuzen-Chokoku products can be purchased from the order form.
When purchasing, please specify the product name, product type (size, color) and quantity.

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